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Platinum Tyre Solutions - Milton Keynes Platinum Tyre Solutions - Milton KeynesPlatinum Tyre Solutions - Milton KeynesPlatinum Tyre Solutions - Milton KeynesPlatinum Tyre Solutions - Milton KeynesPlatinum Tyre Solutions - Milton KeynesPlatinum Tyre Solutions - Milton Keynes

Tyre Fitting

Manufacturer / Tyre Specification Platinum Tyre Price Kwik Fit Price* National Price* ATS Price*
Continental ECO Contact 155/70/13/T £47.35 £48.70 £57.88 £50.00
Dunlop Sport Fast Response 195/60/15/V £77.15 £78.00 £82.20 £80.30
Goodyear NCT5 195/65/15/V £65.75 £76.00 £68.75 £67.00
Michelin Energy saver 205/55/16/V £90.47 £101.20 £107.78 £106.98
Continental Sport Contect 2 )XL) 225/45/17/W £121.00 £129.20 £137.00 £131.65
Pirelli P Zero 225/40/18/Y £196.99 £199.20 £205.65 £211.00
Pirelli Cinturato-P 175/65/14/T £54.11 £57.90 £62.87 £64.38
Goodyear Effiecient Grip Compact 185/65/15/T £59.97 £61.50 £64.98 £75.90

Millions of pounds are spent on tyre research and development by the biggest tyre manufacturers
such as Pirelli and Firestone and by keeping our overheads to a minimum we can offer
these premium tyres at discount prices. Premium tyres are designed for maximum performance
and safety at higher speeds in all weathers.
Our all-inclusive tyre fitting service is completely transparent – the price you are quoted will be the price you pay,
and we won’t be beaten on price! If you need tyres fitted to your car or commercial vehicle,
Platinum Tyre Solutions will have a service to suit you.
Our garage uses the most modern equipment for our tyre fitting.


Platinum Tyre Solutions has an extensive stock list of Vredestein, Maxxis and Hancook high,
Pirrelli, Goodyear and many other performance tyres. To find out more about our range of tyres,
please see our tyre table or contact us direct for prices and availability.


Budget Tyres are very popular with our customers and are the middle of the range option for good value and reliability.
They are roughly half the price of our Premium brands. These hard wearing tyres are ideal for the average
family car and commuting but are not as sophisticated as the thoroughbred premium brands
and sometimes have a slightly lower speed rating.

Part-Worn Tyres

we understand that some people are on a tight budget or may be selling their car soon.
Part worn tyres are a great option. Part worn tyres are previously owned but still have at least 50%
of their tread left and will have thousands of miles left in them.
All our part worn tyres are carefully inspected for wear and tear before fitting,
may only be a few months old or may have never been on the road due to being kept as a spare or old stock.
Call us on 07803 207400 or email us now for a quote on our extensive range of tyres!

Mobile Tyre Service

Due to the fact that we run a mobile fitting service we have chosen to offer a callout service
for out of hour emergency tyre fitting. We also operate on behalf of, or with most of the local recovery
companies in and around the area. We are just as happy to attend for the public as well the trade.

We will need your tyre size, your name and vehicle location, and a contact number
(unless withheld it will show on our mobile anyway), and we can price the callout and tyre for you.

Our callout charge, (please see below) covers us driving for the first 20 miles (round trip)
and then £1 per mile (plus VAT) thereafter.
We are prepared to travel most reasonable distances where practical do to so.

The only thing we do stipulate is that if we turn up and you have given an incorrect tyre size
a call out fee will still be chargeable so please make sure that you give the correct information,
we are happy to talk you though the sizing if you do not know how to read it.
The wrong tyre size will also mean you stay where you are a lot longer.

Our aim at Platinum Tyre Solutions is to help you on your journey as safely and swiftly as possible

If your vehicle is fitted with locking nuts can you please ensure the adaptor key is available.
We can get over this problem with prior knowledge but it will incur additional charges

Current callout prices are:
0900-1700 FREE callout + Tyre or Repair
1700-0900 from £55 + VAT + Tyre or Repair

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